A Day in the Life Legal Video Explained

Day in the life videos are admissible for jury trial. They are required to follow strict guidelines as to how they are created. Day in the life visuals can be incorporated into a more dramatic settlement video which can be presented at mediation, mandatory settlement conference, and arbitration. We can use existing footage or film

Video Marketing Statistics You Need to Know

Online video is no longer a novelty.  Today, it is deployed by all types of industries on every social platform.  It’s crucial for every business– both small and large–to solidify its social presence with compelling visual presentations. 1. 55% of people watch videos online every day 2. Including a video on a landing page can increase conversion rates

Why Every Small Business Should Be Using Video

Online video consumption has skyrocketed; its power is undeniable and the stats support it. When you factor in video creation, hosting, distribution, and analytics, the total worth of the U.S. digital video marketing industry comes out to an astonishing $135 billion. It’s clear consumers across the country are demanding video content, and savvy marketers must work day and night to