Why Small Businesses Should Respond to Online Reviews

If you’re successfully monitoring reviews and following up with meaningful feedback, you’re on the right track. Still, there are myriad ways to take your reputation management strategy to the next level to improve your business and elevate your customer experience.

Studies show that businesses that respond to 75–100% of reviews see on average a .53 higher star rating than businesses who do not respond. Furthermore, responding in a positive way to each review can boost public perception of your brand, and help you show up in more search results for terms like “best” and “four-star.”

Listening and responding to reviews can help small businesses retain customers, raise star ratings, and showcase excellent customer care to potential new customers. With all that said, less than 50% of businesses today are responding.

On average, locations who do not respond to reviews have an average rating of 3.63 stars. Clients who responded to 75% or more of reviews were rated 4.16 stars — 0.53 stars higher than those who did not.

Cerebrum digital tools allow for review monitoring from a centralized dashboard. That means you no longer have to scour the internet search for reviews of your business. It also decreases the likelihood that you will accidentally miss a review.

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